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Strategic Training Partners Inc. | Fort Worth, TX

Tired of inconsistent sales?

Tap into your team's hidden potential with our proven sales performance strategies.

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Sales, Leadership, and Customer Service Development

Learn systematic processes to improve your consultative selling, customer service skills, and develop your leadership abilities.

You're successful, but you're tired of doing the majority of the sales work yourself. Transform your team into a powerful sales force that can carry the weight for you!

Trusted Sales Coaching

Sandler Training is trusted in Fort Worth and Dallas. Frank Gustafson—our principle—has more than 35 years of experience in sales and entrepreneurship. We know what it takes to catapult business performance.

Our sales coaching and leadership training is rooted in benchmarking and assessments. We evaluate your team's strengths, weaknesses, and communication styles to create custom solutions designed to speed up your sales process.

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Come crash a class and learn how we create a foundation of sales and leadership skills that you can continue to build on for years to come. If you're interested in attending a complimentary training session, click below.


What can I say? Frank is one of the most dynamic leaders I know. His people skills is so genuine and personable that he's always able to keep his team on track in a collaborative goal. "Success" is the first word I can think to describe Frank simply because he never stops until he succeeds. He's truly one of a kind and brings a unique asset to any company simply because he has a special way in getting the job done to completion while keeping a positive attitude.

When it comes to sales, his tenacious spirit is what I admire the most and his fun-likable as well as motivating spirit is why I would always recommend Frank Gustafson to any organization!

Sharri A. L. Abii, MBA