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Assessments & Benchmarking

Evaluate strengths, weaknesses, communication styles, and behaviors throughout your organization.


Get a snapshot of what needs to be addressed

You’re frustrated with your sales team, your customer service team, or others in your organization, but you don’t know why. All you know is you aren’t happy with their results.

To ensure that any sales, leadership, or customer service program has the highest chance for success, early in the process we benchmark your team, using our field-tested tools (Extended DISC, Devine Inventory) to identify individual sales or management habits and communication styles.

Through these team assessments, individual employee assessments, and benchmarking assessments, we can identify and quantify the gap between the expectations of team members and any level of management. This gives us the vital information we need to create a roadmap for a training program that is truly focused on your needs.

  • Identify each of your employee’s behavioral differences to maximize their potential for success
  • Find sales performance strategies that align with each person’s DISC profile
  • Discover skill gaps within your team and create training that fills in those gaps
  • Improve team relationships and boost productivity
  • Learn which team members are best suited for leadership
  • Empower team members with self-awareness
  • Find out what motivates your team and use it to your—and their—advantage

The Sandler approach: personalized sales training driven by data

If you’re doing what your competition is doing, stop! Your team has a unique skill set and communication styles. Your clients have unique pains that you solve. These factors should be fundamental in forming your sales strategies.

  • What are your current strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your DISC communication styles?
  • What are your future business goals?
  • What will it take to reach those goals?

With our team assessments, we craft custom sales training solutions based on how your team thinks, behaves, and communicates. Turn salespeople into leaders. Turn leaders into motivators. Turn motivators into money makers.

This isn’t cookie-cutter sales coaching. It’s data-driven training that works.

Self-awareness leads to better sales

To think outside the box, you need to see the box!

The more your team knows about themselves, the higher their sales will be. We’ve found that when people understand who they are, they have an easier time communicating with others. Instead of trying to cram a client into their mold, they adapt their strategies to fit the client’s needs.

Our individual assessments give your team members accountability, insight, and opportunity for growth. They can see a definitive roadmap for how their brains are wired and understand that other people are likely not wired the same way.

This powerful information leads to…

  • Faster problem solving
  • Superior customer services skills
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Stronger leadership skills
  • Improved team interactions
  • Better performance for the entire organization

Take the weight off your shoulders and turn it over to a team you can trust. We’ll help you learn the tools to get there.

Assessments & Benchmarking

Extended DISC Assessments

A suite of online DISC assessments that identify individuals’ hard-wired DISC style


Hire smarter, develop employee talent, and drive results by connecting individual competencies to the desired performance benchmarks.

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Take advantage of the intrinsic value of benchmarking assessments. Contact us to learn more about the Sandler sales training process.